Michelle S. Donaghy

Michelle has a formal education in Psychology and Social Work, Michelle S. Donaghy is a published expert and has been featured in Parenting Magazines. Her consulting has been sought after by pediatricians and celebrities alike. She is a certified Gentle Sleep Coach® and one of the first to graduate from the program. Michelle has 95 hours of basic training, over 100 hours of advanced ongoing training and has helped several hundred families with life changing results.


    Primary Qualification

    Gentle Sleep Coach (undefined)

    College Education

    Bachelor of Science Psychology, California State University Fullerton

    School of Social Work, University of Southern California


  • Gentle Sleep Coach

    Each Certified Gentle Sleep Coach has received over 70 hours or more of training. They have passed a comprehensive exam and participate in case mentorship with Kim West, LCSW-C, The Sleep Lady. Coaches maintain their certification by taking advanced training and are mentored by Kim. Gentle Sleep Coaches are on a mission to provide excellent, well researched, quality, gentle sleep advice to parents worldwide-- sleep advice that doesn't require your child to cry it out alone.

    Gentle Sleep Coach

Michelle S.’s Services

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  • Newborn Sleep (0-6 months)
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