Joanna Clark

Are you Sleep-Deprived, frazzled and confused on how to get your child to sleep?...Are you craving drama-free bedtimes, peaceful nights, reliable naps and more free-time for yourself and your partner? I am your personal "sleep detective" that will absolutely solve your sleep situation with my unique signature process. Book 45 minutes to talk to a very experienced, tenured Pediatric Sleep Expert! I have helped over 700 families sleep peacefully through the night, that is over 2100 people sleeping better! Solve your child's night struggles once and for all--so everyone can finally sleep again! Let do a "sleep triage" to get you on the right track. Benefit from 45 minutes of expert guidance which can change everything! ($97)


    Primary Qualification

    Gentle Sleep Coach (undefined)

    College Education

    Bachelor of Arts: With Honors: European Studies, Scripps College


  • Gentle Sleep Coach

    Each Certified Gentle Sleep Coach has received over 70 hours or more of training. They have passed a comprehensive exam and participate in case mentorship with Kim West, LCSW-C, The Sleep Lady. Coaches maintain their certification by taking advanced training and are mentored by Kim. Gentle Sleep Coaches are on a mission to provide excellent, well researched, quality, gentle sleep advice to parents worldwide-- sleep advice that doesn't require your child to cry it out alone.

    Gentle Sleep Coach

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    Get Sleep Now: Triage Session

    Get Answers & Get Sleep! Spend 45 minutes with a Tenured Sleep Expert to benefit from guilt-free, GENTLE Sleep Coaching. You will be on your way toward drama-free bedtimes, peaceful nights, reliable naps and more time and energy for yourself and your partner.

    Duration45 mins

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